Choir, Ballet and Orchestra of the Russian Army of St. Petersburg

Uniting more than 100 singers, dancers and musicians, the Russian Army Ensemble of St Petersburg brings spectacular dancing and rousing traditional music to the stage. Colorful costumes, vivid choreography and boundless energy are the hallmarks of the 40 talented dancers whose dazzling acrobatics and striking dance sequences reflect life, love and emotion from across Russia and beyond.

The Ensemble, backed by the growing international success, bursts onto stage with energetic show full of surprising moments. Energy and harmony come together in this show beloved by people of all ages, who comprised more than 30 million viewers over the years.


Authentic display of skill and musicality

The Choir, Ballet and Orchestra of the Russian Army Ensemble of St. Petersburg have been named the first army of peace, because of their powerful use of their voices instead of weapons. Close to 100 artists perform Russian folk songs and show spectacular choreographies on the stage. Because of this perfect combination of dancing and singing skills the Russian Army Ensemble has become a real artistic embassy of their country.
As a result of numerous musical recordings made by the choir in different cities of Asia, America and Europe, the titles "Dark Eyes", "Kalinka" or "Subboteya" have become international classics. The wonderful combination of male voices in four tones turns all the musical pieces in a real display of power and musicality.


A trip to the ancient Russia

The director of the Ensemble, Sergey Isakov, is one of the main ambassadors of folklore of the former Soviet Union. The ballet group composed of about forty artists will surprise with their dazzling costumes, original choreographies and their dancing skills. The dances have been inspired by farm life, battles and love stories. Some of the most spectacular are the "Ukrainian Dance", the "Dance of the soldiers", "Marine Dance"or "Russian bells".
With songs and dances of the Russian Army Emseble also come to Spain some of the leading voices of Russia, such as tenors Kalashnikov, Kolenkov, Tsymbal, Adzihindzhal and baritones Stepanov and Solovyev. The repertoire of these singers includes arias from classic operas, among them are "Rigoletto" and "Il Trovatore" of G. Verdi and Puccini's "La Boheme". However, the centerpiece of their performance is, certainly, Russian folk songs. Many of participants of the choir have been honored with the title of National Artists of the Russian Federation.
Founded in the early years of the last century, the choir, ballet and orchestra gave support and encouragement to troops on the battle fronts and in hospitals during both world wars with songs of love and hope, before their subsequent peacetime tours, broadcasts and recordings brought them international acclaim. Today, directed by Sergey Isakov, the ensemble's high-powered combination of musical virtuosity, spectacular dance and electrifying singing moves and inspires audiences to enjoy a riveting musical journey through Russia, ancient and modern.



Sergey Isakov, Artistic Director

Sergey Isakov is the Chief of the music and dance ensemble of Russian Armed Forces´ Military District of St. Petersburg since 2014. Sergey Isakov has successfully lead many tours in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Holland, etc. In 2014 alone, the Ensemble of Russian Army performed more than 450 concerts in Russia.
The basis of the continuous success of Sergey Isakov is the adherence to the traditions rooted in Slavic folklore. He is leading the ensemble with unique expressiveness continuously bringing to the audiences the best examples of vocal and choreographic art of Russia.

Eugeniy Kazanovskiy, Conductor

Eugeniy Kazanovsky has conducted the military orchestra for more than 30 years. He was also the conductor of the Pacific Fleet Orchestra and the Baltic Military District Orchestra. Eugeniy Kazanovskiy is a composer, professor of St. Petersburg State Conservatory and in recognition of his outstanding work he was awarded with the title of National Artist.
Throughout his career, Eugeniy Kazanovsky has performed numerous concerts on the stages of St. Petersburg and in the most prestigious concert halls in Europe, in countries like Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Italy and Spain.


In the best concert halls…...

The Choir, Ballet and Orchestra of the Russian Army Ensemble of St. Petersburg has toured in Europe performing in the most prestigious concert halls, such as L'Auditori in Barcelona, Auditorio Nacional in Madrid, Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao, Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome and many others...